25 May 2011

Special issue: Non-destructive testing and preventive technology

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 41(1-4) 2011

Papers from the 4th International Conference on NDT of the Hellenic Society for NDT (HSNT), held in Chania, Crete, 11-14 October 2007.
  • Delamination detection and impact damage assessment of GLARE by active thermography
  • Thermal non-destructive characterisation of layers detachment in the roadways
  • A preliminary estimation of analysis methods of vibration signals at fault diagnosis in ball bearings
  • Statistical damage diagnosis in smart systems via contact-free MetGlas® sensors and stochastic non-linear modelling of system output data
  • Industrial radiography and tomography based on scanning linear scintillator array
  • Automated eddy current data analysis
  • Classification of wavelet decomposed AE signals based on parameter-less self organised mapping
  • Investigation of accurate imaging of the defects in composite materials using ultrasonic air-coupled technique
  • On the application of non-destructive testing techniques on rotating machinery
  • Ultrasonic guided wave tomography for the inspection of the fuel tanks floor
  • Application of acoustic emission method in contact damage identification
  • Ultrasound interferometry for the evaluation of thickness and adhesion of thin layers
  • The effect of the angle of inclination of the exciting coil in electromagnetic-thermal non-destructive inspection
  • An experimental research on three-dimensional waves in a concrete panel
  • Visualisation of guided wave propagation by ultrasonic imaging methods
  • Realistic evaluation of the size of a reflector perpendicular to a surface in double-V butt welds and T joints with ultrasound

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