29 May 2011

Special issue: Reliability of welded components

International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties 6(1/2) 2011

Includes papers from the International Institute of Welding's International Conference on Safety and Reliability of Welded Components in Energy and Processing Industry held in Graz, Austria, 10-11 July 2008.
  • Structural steel for the application in offshore, wind and hydro energy production: comparison of application and welding properties of frequently used materials
  • Properties of T/P92 weld metals for ultra super critical (USC) power plant
  • Hardfacing of austenitic stainless steel with nickel-base NiCr alloy
  • On the application of weld strength factors on welded components
  • Long-term creep strength and strength reduction factor for welded joints of ASME Grades 91, 92 and 122 type steels
  • Creep behaviour of steel P23 weldments
  • The influence of welding process parameters on residual stresses by means of coupled thermo-mechanical simulation
  • Development and microstructure of advanced creep resistant ferritic steels
  • Optimisation and sensitivity analysis of friction stir welding process and tool parameters for joining AA1100 aluminium alloy
  • Mechanical properties and operational damage evaluation of CSM composites by destructive and non-destructive techniques

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