24 September 2006

Newly announced title: International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing

The International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing - due to begin publication in 2007 - aims at leading multidisciplinary research and practice on the critical themes of the human and society. With the main emphasis placed on the demonstration of innovations and new approaches to the deployment of information and communication for human-centric and society-sensitive systems, IJSHC will actively promote a dialogue for developing a better world.

IJSHC will investigate computing approaches to humanity’s and society’s agendas, and provide a publication outlet for a new emerging discipline which stands in the converging domains of high tech technologies, intelligent systems and human-sensitive, context-aware experiences. In this journal, Social and Humanistic Computing stands for an holistic approach to human/social-centric design of pervasive, ubiquitous systems, providing and supporting a new era of human/social experience that goes beyond the traditional perceptions of the interaction of humans with IT and IS. Indeed, IJSHC will exploit social and humanistic research for the provision of high-tech services and human-centric systems.

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