25 September 2006

Call for papers: Special Issue on: “Service Management in China”

International Journal of Services Technology and Management (IJSTM)

Call for papers: Special Issue on: “Service Management in China”

Guest Editor: Professor Shunzhong Liu, Northeast Normal University, The People’s Republic of China.

Service management has received increasing interest in developed countries in recent years, but there is a scarcity of literature in this area for developing countries such as China. With China’s accession to the WTO, which implies a further opening of its service market, world attention is increasingly focused on the service industry in China. Service management is a critical element of improving global competitiveness in the Chinese service industry, but is poorly understood.

This special issue of IJSTM provides a focused and timely forum for researchers to explore issues concerning service management in China. In line with the objectives of the journal, we seek papers that will improve the decision making and practice of service firms in China. A wide variety of papers in empirical research, case research and analytical models focusing on the key issues of the theme of this special issue will be considered for publication. The special issue is especially interested in those related topics related to knowledge intensive business services.

For more information, subject coverage, notes for intending authors, submission dates and contact information, please see the Journal Call for papers website.

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