5 March 2021

Special issue published: "Multibody System Algorithms in Vehicle Dynamics and Virtual Prototyping"

International Journal of Vehicle Performance 7(1/2) 2021

  • Wheel-rail wear simulation and rail cant optimisation based on railway vehicle dynamics
  • Study the dynamic behaviour of seven DOF of full car model with semi-active suspension system
  • Research on hierarchical control strategy of electromagnetic active mounting system
  • Performance evaluation of different centrifugal pendulum morphologies through multibody dynamics simulation
  • Out-of-plane flexible ring tyre model development and validation
  • Simulation and experiments on three-wheeled vehicle on different tracks
  • A dynamic model of a Cardan joint to evaluate the effect of elasticity and manufacturing errors
  • Model-based simulation of dynamic behaviour of electric powertrains and their limitation induced by battery current saturation
  • Dynamic behaviour modelling of an internal combustion engine water pump transmission belt drive

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