12 March 2021

Special issue published: "Applications of Computer And Engineering Technology in Enabling Technologies and Industrial Case Studies"

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 14(2) 2021

  • Impact of the lossy image compression on the biometric system accuracy: a case study of hand biometrics
  • An extended infrastructure security scheme for multi-cloud systems with verifiable inter-server communication protocol
  • Performance analysis of biorthogonal filter design using the lifting-based scheme for medical image transmission
  • MOEMS-based accelerometer sensor using photonic crystal for vibration monitoring in an automotive system
  • Dye sensitised solar power generating window: towards environmentally sustainable energy efficiency in ICT
  • An empirical analysis of the statistical learning models for different categories of cross-project defect prediction
  • Heterogeneous wireless network selection by combining GRA and VIKOR under a fuzzy environment
  • Parameter extraction of PSP MOSFET model using particle swarm optimisation

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