23 March 2021

Special issue published: "Leveraging Opportunistic Networks Using Smart Wireless Digital Devices and IoT for Intelligent Communication Systems: Challenges and Emerging Trends"

International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications 12(2/3) 2021

  • A novel genetic algorithm with CDF5/3 filter-based lifting scheme for optimal sensor placement
  • Semantic interoperability in the internet of things - state-of-the-art and prospects
  • Impact of contacts for message copies, mobile nodes and buffer size in delay-tolerant networks
  • Parameter aware utility proportional fairness scheduling technique in a communication network
  • TASRP: a trust aware secure routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
  • Probabilistic routing protocol with firefly particle swarm optimisation for delay tolerant networks enhanced with chaos theory
  • Hierarchical search-based routing protocol for infrastructure-based opportunistic networks
  • Managing the levels of CO2 in a tunnel using oppnet virtual machine

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