15 March 2021

Special issue published: "Applications of Computer And Engineering Technology in Enabling Technologies and Industrial Case Studies"

International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 14(2) 2021

  • Does the board of directors' characteristics affect the amount of capital raised in IPO?
  • Thai pottery industry economic innovation on the edge pottery purchasing decision factors Dan Kwian pottery village - a case study (purchasing decision factors case study of Dan Kwian pottery village)
  • Could the next Indonesian income tax law adopt to the concept of income under IFRS?
  • Resource-abundance regions of Russia and «dark» side of innovations (cases of Kuzbass and Krasnoyarsk regions)
  • Revealed comparative advantage and constant market share analysis of Indonesian cinnamon in the world market
  • Owner-manager objectives as significant driving factor of family business performance
  • Mapping innovation in Indonesian cooperative: priorities, obstacles and challenges to survive

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