10 November 2020

Special issue published: "Modelling and Expert Intelligence for Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Knowledge Base Development"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 64(1) 2020

  • State Chinese medicine theory based on the mathematical description TCM principles and modelling of complex human system
  • The physical pattern evaluation and identification method of infrared thermal image of human health state in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • A novel classification tree based on local minimum Gini index and attribute partial order structure diagram
  • Application research on quantitative prediction of TCM syndrome differentiation based on ensemble learning
  • Formal concept attribute partial-order structure diagram and applications
  • Assumption of constructing intelligent recommend model of diabetic Chinese patent medicines
  • Research on the regular pattern of Professor Saimei Li using Chinese medicine alone in treating middle-aged type 2 diabetes mellitus on the basis of partial order structure theory
  • Knowledge discovery for spleen yang deficiency syndrome based on attribute partial order structure diagram
  • Effects of low frequency somatosensory music on heart rate and skin temperature in healthy people
  • Statistical analysis for user group of opposing traditional Chinese medicine in Weibo

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