13 November 2020

Special issue published: "Energy Saving in Cities"

International Journal of Global Energy Issues 42(5/6) 2020

  • Convergence analysis of urban green traffic carbon emission based on grey prediction model
  • Optimal lighting operation method for photovoltaic new energy access system of urban street lamp
  • Energy-saving control method of electric heating film temperature for urban zero energy consumption building heating
  • Optimisation of energy-saving control parameters of urban underground sewage treatment pumps based on fuzzy parameter adaption
  • Feasibility model of urban residential buildings with zero-energy-consuming using solar energy sources based on Laplace transformation
  • Energy-saving feature extraction method for urban buildings with near-zero energy-consuming based on SVR
  • Energy-saving optimisation method for green space planning of urban gardens based on artificial bee colony algorithm
  • Study on energy conversion efficiency of biomass continuous carbonisation in municipal domestic sewage based on filtration technology
  • Energy saving and emission reduction method for green transportation in tourist cities based on grey correlation degree
  • Study on the energy-saving reconstruction method of the outer architecture envelope of urban public architecture
  • Design of building energy consumption monitoring model based on parallel cloud computing

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