3 November 2020

Special Issue on: "Swarm Intelligence Techniques for Optimum Utilisation of Resources in Grid and Utility Computing"

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 11(6) 2020

  • A vector-based watermarking scheme for 3D models using block rearrangements
  • Entropy-based classification of trust factors for cloud computing
  • Towards self-optimisation in fog computing environments
  • Improved African buffalo optimisation algorithm for petroleum product supply chain management
  • Towards an effective approach for architectural knowledge management considering global software development
  • Hardware implementation of OLSR and improved OLSR (AOLSR) for AANETs
Regularly submitted papers
  • Dynamic group key management scheme for clustered wireless sensor networks
  • Hybrid energy-efficient and QoS-aware algorithm for intelligent transportation system in IoT
  • Analysing control plane scalability issue of software defined wide area network using simulated annealing technique
  • Energy-aware multipath routing protocol for internet of things using network coding techniques
  • Efficient variant transaction injection protocols and adaptive policy optimisation for decentralised ledger systems
  • Online information bombardment! How does eWOM on social media lead to consumer purchase intentions?

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