18 November 2020

Special issue published: "Mathematical Modelling of Technical Processes and Systems"

International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation 11(4) 2020

  • Phase equilibrium modelling for multi-component mixtures using highly accurate Helmholtz energy equation of state
  • Oscillations and hysteresis: from simple harmonic oscillator and unusual unbounded increasing amplitude phenomena to the van der Pol oscillator and chaos control
  • A model of advective changes in air humidity: a stochastic approach
  • Controlled attitude motion of the space tether system at the retraction tether stage
  • Impact analysis and orbit reboost of payload tossing using spinning electrodynamic tether system
  • Thematic classification with support subspaces in hyperspectral images
  • Application of digital twin and IoT concepts for solving the tasks of hydraulically actuated heavy equipment lifecycle management
  • Numerical analysis of parameter identifiability for a mathematical model of a chemical reaction
  • Computational modelling to determine the physical characteristics of biological tissues for medical diagnosis
  • Research on dynamic simulation and prediction of urban expansion based on SLEUTH model
  • Numerical simulation of landslide motion based on thermo-plastic mechanics

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