4 April 2018

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Computational Systems Biology and Bioinformatics"

International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design 11(1/2) 2018
  • Evaluation of biological and technical variations in low-input RNA-Seq and single-cell RNA-Seq
  • Heterogeneity in untreated, stressed and drug-tolerant cells: insights into the evolution of cancer resistance
  • A flexible approach to reconstruct the genomic spatial structure by the genetic algorithm
  • A GPU-CPU heterogeneous algorithm for NGS read alignment
  • Signal translational efficiency between mRNA expression and antibody-based protein expression for breast cancer and its subtypes from cell lines to tissue
  • Native state of complement protein C3d analysed via hydrogen exchange and conformational sampling
  • Inhibition of polyamine biosynthesis for toxicity control in Serratia marcescens strain WW4 by targeting ornithine decarboxylase: a structure-based virtual screening study
  • Identifying the dynamic gene regulatory network during latent HIV-1 reactivation using high-dimensional ordinary differential equations
  • Risk-associated and pathway-based method to detect association with Alzheimer's disease
  • Neural signature of event-related N200 and P300 modulation in parietal lobe during human response inhibition

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