26 April 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Sport Management in the Global Marketplace: Theory and Practice"

International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing 18(1/2) 2018

  • Consumer behaviour and sport services: an examination of fitness centre loyalty
  • On estimating the determinants of yearling thoroughbred prices
  • Identify and prioritise factors affecting sports consumer behaviour in Iran
  • An analysis of critical success factors on hosting professional golf tournaments using analytic hierarchy process - Korean experts' perspective
  • Strategic corporate social responsibility or responsible performance of sporting organisations in Australia
  • Investigating the effect of brand identity and character on brand loyalty of football team fans
  • Exploring the determinants of 2022 FIFA World Cup attendance in Qatar
  • Shedding light on the profitability of Italian professional football clubs where a different business model is performing
  • An application of the option-pricing model to the valuation of a football player in the 'Serie A League'

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