12 April 2018

Special issue published: "Application of Multimedia Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing"

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 10(1) 2018
  • An effective foggy image acquisition algorithm in multimedia big data era
  • An effective system layout planning method for railway logistics centre in the background of big data
  • The development and popularisation of network platform of college sports venues in intelligent manufacturing
  • Bi-level optimisation model for greener transportation with intelligent transport system
  • Personalised ranking online reviews based on user individual preferences
  • Fuzzy self-learning control of glass tempering and annealing temperature based on the optimised genetic big data analysis algorithm
  • A medical big data analysis algorithm based on access control system
Additional papers
  • Social network analysis: friendship inferred by chosen courses, commuting time and student performance at university
  • Design of public bicycle scheduling model based on data mining algorithm

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