11 April 2018

Special issue published: "Policy Incentives, Investments And Growth in Emerging Economies"

International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 11(1/2) 2018
  • Farmer's prosperity: justice or profit?
  • Knowledge spillover through foreign direct investment in textile industry
  • Testing models of the measuring performance of mutual fund based on single and dual beta
  • Effect of petroleum product prices on Thailand's economic growth
  • Evaluation of emerging entrepreneurship policy
  • The role of organisational culture, intellectual capital and competitive advantage in supporting the government policies in education
  • Economic and social causes for a late development: India vs. Ethiopia
  • An exploratory study on employee assistance program for career development counselling
  • Earnings and engagement of seamen workers
  • The strategic formulation of competitive advantage on private higher education institution using participatory prospective analysis
  • Study program's evaluation using data envelopment analysis
Additional papers
  • In what way does the construction sector contribute to economic growth? Empirical evidence from India
  • The response of oil market to US monetary policy surprises

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