22 November 2014

Call for papers: “Next Generation of Research in Transportation and Logistics: Our Common Future”

For a special issue of the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research.

In the last several decades, the transportation and logistics field has witnessed many remarkable changes as a result of innovation in ICT that have facilitated improvements in manufacturing, data interchange, network design, intelligent transportation systems, warehousing and inventory, and cargo handling. New innovations in alternative fuels and vehicle/engine designs have also begun to change the dynamics of transportation, creating more options for transport. Furthermore, the industry is now on the verge of witnessing a sixth mode of passenger and freight transportation: commercial space.
While this rapid change creates many opportunities, there are also challenges concerning safety and security as well as the design and integration of the transportation system itself. How do governments regulate an increasingly integrated transportation system? How do they safely incorporate vertical and horizontal space launch as well as greater commercial use of unmanned systems?
The purpose of this special issue is to act as a platform for the innovative work of the next generation of researchers and scholars in transportation and logistics. It is targeted specifically at doctoral students who are at the cutting edge of transportation and logistics research. We encourage papers from all aspects of transportation and intermodal transportation where innovation has occurred or should occur.
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Air cargo and passenger transportation
  • Alliances in the transportation industries
  • Brokering services
  • Cargo handling, equipment and facilities
  • Electronic data Interchange
  • Ground transportation
  • Infrastructure development, maintenance and upgrade
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Leasing companies
  • Network design
  • Ocean port development, facilities and linkages
  • Pipeline operations
  • Railroad development and involvement in intermodal transportation
  • Regulation of intermodal transportation
  • Security and safety of transportation systems
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Sustainability/transformational innovation
  • Transportation competition and cooperation
  • Transportation networks
  • Trends in intermodal transportation
  • Unmanned systems
  • Warehousing and inventory

Important Dates
Submission of full papers due before: 30 June, 2015

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