23 November 2014

Call for papers: “Integration of Wireless Technologies with High-Performance Computing and its Applications”

For a special issue of the International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation.

There is an ever-increasing demand for the integration of wireless communication technologies with high-speed computing, which makes use of super computers and parallel processing techniques for solving complex computational problems. Many scientists, engineers and research groups are already actively involved in high-performance computing (HPC) with the help of integration of wireless technologies to allow the solving of computer science, engineering and business problems using various applications that require high bandwidth, low-latency networking and very high computing capabilities.
Wireless technologies integrated with HPC have moved into the mainstream of computing and have become a key technology in determining future research and development. These technologies hold great potential for the future but still require many challenges and questions to be addressed. This special issue aims to foster the dissemination of high-quality research into the integration of wireless technologies incorporated into HPC paradigms, models, algorithms, technologies and applications.
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Algorithms and technologies for integrating wireless networks with HPC
  • Evaluation of existing tools and techniques in wireless networks in regard to computing with applications
  • Various stages of novel accelerator processors, systems and architectures (including analysis, design and implementation)
  • Simulation methods and comparisons for any kind of wireless networks in regard to HPC with applications
  • Parallel and distributed system architectures, software technologies and algorithms
  • Wireless sensor networks and applications with HPC
  • Novel computing models for integrating wireless networks with peer-to-peer/grid and cluster/cloud/pervasive computing
  • Database applications and data mining
  • Programming models, analysis and design of algorithms for accelerator-based computing
  • HPC in modelling and simulation
  • Parallel applications on accelerators

Important Dates
Deadline for the paper submission: 15 May, 2015

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