7 November 2014

Call for papers: "Internet Marketing and Retailing in the Context of New Interactive and Multimedia Developments"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing.

The evolution of interactive and multimedia technologies offers new contemporary marketing tools and services and has enhanced the alternative of interactive and online relationships. Additionally, developments in technology and the socioeconomic changes that are taking place all around the world pose a series of challenges for marketing and retailing academics and practitioners to research and respond to. Rapid advancements in technology and the changes that are occurring in the retail industry present new methodological challenges and uncharted areas for marketing researchers, and yet research in this area is still rather sparse.

This special issue invites conceptual, empirical and methodological papers on the new trends in interactive and multimedia developments and how these can affect marketing and retailing theories, strategies and practices focused on the internet, and their implications for associated processes, products and services.

The special issue will carry revised and substantially extended versions of selected papers presented at the International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI) 2015. However, we also strongly encourage researchers unable to participate in the conference to submit articles for this call.

In terms of methodological approach, we do not place an emphasis on any particular research methodology and welcome articles which are informed variously by quantitative or qualitative research, behavioural experiments, data mining, case study research, or a combination of methods.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Consumer behaviour through the internet
  • Evolution of web marketing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) with emphasis on web-CRM
  • Ethics in marketing and retailing through the internet
  • Agents to help to determine pricing strategies
  • Web marketing services
  • Big data in retail
  • Omni-channel retailing
  • Security and privacy issues on the net
  • m-Retail
  • Social media strategy
  • Website optimisation using interactive and multimedia tools
  • e-Word of mouth
  • Internet marketing multi-channels

Important Dates
Submission of papers: 31 May, 2016

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