30 August 2014

Special issue published: "Cities as Sustainable Wealth Creators"

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 13(2/3/4) 2014
  • The role of culture in sustainable urban development: some economic issues
  • Swedish perspectives on creative cities
  • The regenerative city and wealth creation/conservation: the role of urban planning
  • From urban-rural to global dependencies
  • International migrations and urbanisation: 1960-2010
  • Equilibrium vs. optimal city size: evidence from Italian cities
  • Urbanisation and sustainability: the role of the spatial allocation of property rights and public investment
  • Evaluation model for cultural heritage in spatial planning
  • Clusters of supernova stars in knowledge-based spaces: value creation through cooperation
  • Critical factors in health innovation in cities: from ivory tower to living lab
  • Entrepreneurship and economic development: the relative attraction of employment centres by firm size
  • Which attributes of culture can we measure? The case of Hungarian micro-regions
  • Issues regarding the effective municipal real property management: the question of classification criteria with a case study in Romania
  • Urban design and architecture in the service of colonialism in Morocco
  • Port cities and urban wealth: between global networks and local transformations
  • Interconnected responses for interconnected problems: synergistic pathways for sustainable wealth in port cities

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