28 August 2014

Call for papers: "Advancements in Additive Manufacturing"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation.

This special issue will present high-quality research papers and reviews on additive manufacturing for academia and world-leading industry. It aims to acknowledge the innovative nature of additive manufacturing, and to outline its broad applications and current and future developments in the field.

The issue will cover a wide scope comprising new technologies, processes, methods, materials, systems and applications in the field of additive manufacturing.

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Additive manufacturing processes and process enhancements
    • Advancements in additive manufacturing processes
    • Multi-technology (hybrid) systems
  • Multiple and novel materials
    • Characterisation and performance - mechanical, electrical, chemical, optical
    • New material formulations and composite materials
    • Processing of materials in additive manufacturing and for use in additive manufacturing
  • Special applications with multi-functionality
    • Additive manufacturing for space and in-space additive manufacturing
    • Improved energy utilisation in and using additive manufacturing
    • Other novel applications of additive manufacturing

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 13 February, 2015
Notification to authors: 13 April, 2015
Final versions due: 13 May, 2015

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