19 November 2013

Special issue: "Situation Awareness: Theory and Methodologies"

International Journal of System of Systems Engineering 4(3/4) 2013

Expanded versions of papers presented at the 2012 International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop.
  • Homeland situation awareness through mining and fusing heterogeneous information from intelligence databases and field sensors
  • Detection and impact of cyber attacks in a critical infrastructures scenario: the CockpitCI approach
  • Optimal location of flow intercepting facilities to improve security in urban areas
  • An interoperable simulation framework for protecting port as critical infrastructures
  • Path planning for marine fleet using heuristic approach
  • Distributed opinion dynamics with heterogeneous reputation
  • SeNsiM-SEC: secure sensor networks integration to monitor rail freight transport
  • A smart decision support systems based on a fast classifier and a semantic post reasoner

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