18 November 2013

Special issue published: "Multiagent and Other Intelligent Applications"

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies 2(3/4) 2013
  • Petri net-based approach to modelling ATM and minimising logistic costs in ATM network
  • Contextualised mLearning service delivery through a multi-agent platform
  • Towards a semantically enhanced interoperability service utility to support small-medium enterprises
  • Methodologies for recognition of old Slavic Cyrillic characters
  • High dimensional data clustering through fuzzy possibilistic C-means with symmetry-based distance measure
  • R-AIMS: a reactive multi-agent system-based incident/emergency management system
  • IEETA brain computer interface technologies
Additional papers on Ant Colony-based Optimisation Algorithms
  • Solving 0-1 knapsack problem by continuous ACO algorithm
  • The ant colony optimisation solving continuous problems
  • Max-min ant system algorithm for dartboard design

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