1 March 2013

Special issue: "Wind Tunnels and Simulation"

International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation 5(1/2/3) 2013

Expanded versions of papers from the 47th International Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics 2012.
  • Tandem nozzle supersonic wind tunnel design
  • Experimental and numerical investigations of pitch-plunging wing aerodynamics at low Reynolds number
  • Simulation and model support correction for slotted wall transonic wind tunnels
  • Prediction of the aerodynamic effect of model deformation during transonic wind tunnel tests
  • Self-adaptive control of a bluff body wake by means of porous flaps
  • Computation validation on lateral jet interactions at supersonic speeds
  • Transition control by micron-sized roughness elements: stability analyses and wind tunnel experiments
  • Investigation of the laminar separation-induced transition on two low-pressure turbine rotor blades
  • Boundary-layer instability and transition on a flared cone in a Mach 6 quiet wind tunnel
  • Computational and experimental results in the open test section of the aeroacoustic windtunnel Braunschweig
  • Experimental and numerical study of flow around a wind turbine rotor
  • Evaluation of RANS/actuator disk modelling of wind turbine wake flow using wind tunnel measurements
  • Numerical simulation and wind tunnel measurements on a tricycle wheel sub-system

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