18 March 2013

Special issue: "System of Systems Engineering – Past Emerging to Evolving?"

International Journal of System of Systems Engineering 3(3/4) 2012
  • Systems theory: a formal construct for understanding systems
  • Stakeholders in systems problems
  • Errors in systems approaches
  • Prevalence of pathologies in systems of systems
  • Why optimisation of a system of systems is both unattainable and unnecessary
  • Measuring system of systems performance
  • Systems of systems engineering education
  • Defining SoS requirements: an early glimpse at a methodology
  • Securability for system of systems
  • Data governance for SoS
  • System of systems information assurance policy: a call for reform
  • Integrated condition assessment for Navy system of systems
  • Characteristics and emergent attributes of system-of-systems' simulations

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