13 March 2013

Call for papers: "Knowledge Acquisition, Reuse and Evaluation"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Knowledge and Learning.

The advent of the age of digital information has raised the problem of knowledge acquisition, reuse and evaluation. This is today a dynamic research area constantly subject to adaption to new application requirements. Reuse and sharing of knowledge bases are major issues and no satisfactory solutions have as yet been agreed upon as knowledge acquisition still remains the bottleneck for building a knowledge-based system.

Our ability to analyse, evaluate and assist users in reusing knowledge presents a great challenge for the coming years. A new generation of computational techniques and tools is required to support the acquisition, reuse and evaluation of useful knowledge from the rapidly growing volume of information.

This call is aimed at collecting both theoretical and experimental results concerned with developing methods and systems that assist the knowledge management process and assessing the suitability of such methods.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to: 
  • Tools and techniques for knowledge acquisition, knowledge updating and knowledge validation
  • Semantic web inference methodologies
  • Semantic knowledge portals
  • Web-based approaches for knowledge management
  • Agent-based approaches for knowledge management
  • Software agents for semantic web
  • Semantic web-based knowledge management
  • Tools, languages and techniques for semantic annotation
  • Semantic searching
  • Semantic brokering
  • CSCW and cooperative approaches for knowledge management 2
  • Evaluation of knowledge acquisition techniques
  • Information and knowledge structures
  • Languages and frameworks for knowledge and knowledge modelling
  • Ontology creation, evolution, reconciliation and mediation
  • Ontology-based approaches for knowledge management
  • Knowledge delivery methods
  • Knowledge life cycle
  • Knowledge and information extraction and discovery techniques
  • Knowledge extraction from images/pictures
  • Intelligent knowledge-based systems
  • Decision support and expert systems
Important Dates
Abstract submission (by email): 20 May, 2013
Full papers submission (online): 30 May, 2013
Notification to authors: 30 July, 2013
Final versions due: 15 September, 2013

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