22 March 2013

Special issue: "Innovations in Islamic Marketing and Business"

International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2(1) 2013

Includes expanded versions of papers from the 2nd Global Islamic Marketing Conference.
  • Marketing mix through the integration of new and traditional media: a review of recent literature
  • Exploring future markets for Pakistani halal meat export
  • The relationship between consumers' religiosity and risk perceptions surrounding the use of SNS
  • How generation Y is energising the 'Muslim' brand through novelty t-shirts
  • Gauging attitudes towards the environment through NEP: a case study from India
  • Fashion effects on customer satisfaction: an analysis of the Pakistani shoe industry
  • The feasibility of establishing Islamic banks in the UK: the case of Nottingham
  • Islamic finance and its role in SME development case in point: Egypt
  • A study of Islamic customer satisfaction

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