15 July 2011

Special issue: New frontier of bio-inspired computation

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 6(1/2) 2011
  • A chaotic PSO approach to multi-mode resource-constraint project scheduling with uncertainty
  • Particle swarm optimisation algorithm for radio frequency identification network topology optimisation
  • Particle swarm optimisation based on self-organisation topology driven by different fitness rank
  • Optimal water distribution network design with improved particle swarm optimisation
  • A novel particle swarm algorithm for solving parameter identification problems on graphics hardware
  • Group-decided Watts-Strogatz particle swarm optimisation
  • An effective approach for removing heavy salt-peppers noise based on bee colony optimisation
  • Double elite co-evolutionary genetic algorithm
  • An intelligent oil reservoir identification approach by deploying quantum Levenberg-Research on artificial neural networks with spatial architecture based on span connection and lateral inhibition mechanism
  • A novel hybrid model for image classification
  • Shape similarity computation for SVG
  • QoS scheduling of fuzzy strategy grid workflow based on the bio-network
  • Economic load dispatch solution by improved harmony search with wavelet mutation
  • Principal components analysis by the galaxy-based search algorithm: a novel metaheuristic for continuous optimisation

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