25 July 2011

Special issue: Advances in multi-axis machining and machine tool control

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 4(3/4) 2011
  • Dynamic synchronous accuracy of translational and rotary axes
  • Ball burnishing application for finishing sculptured surfaces in multi-axis machines
  • Analytical methods for increased productivity in 5-axis ball-end milling
  • Feed drive modelling for the simulation of tool path tracking in multi-axis high speed machining
  • Accuracy evaluation method for multi-tasking turning centre
  • Local minimum-time trajectory planning for five-axis machining with and without tool tip deviation
  • Simultaneous five-axis finishing milling of TiAl6V4 centrifugal compressor blades: a dynamic evaluation of lead and tilt angles variation
  • Design of an active control of vibration in a centreless grinding machine: theoretical study and experimental implementation
  • On the exact computation of the swept surface of a cylindrical surface undergoing two-parameter rational Bezier motions
  • Advanced calculation of static and dynamic stiffness in mechatronic machine tools

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