7 March 2009

Special issue: Software agents in e-business: concepts, development and applications

International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering 3(2/3) 2009

Papers from MASeB’2007, the 2nd International Workshop on (Multi-)Agent Systems in E-Business: Concepts, Technologies and Applications
  • The design and implementation of an agent-based auction service
  • The RBVO Formation Protocol
  • An agent-oriented mobile payment system secured using a biometrics approach
  • Adaptability in an agent-based virtual organisation
  • IDSS: an intelligent decision support system for e-purchasing using CBR and CF
  • Support for virtual organisation creation – partners' profiles and competency management
  • Motivation for a new formal framework for agent-oriented software engineering
  • MA-UML: a conceptual approach for mobile agents' modelling
  • Advanced separation of concerns in agent-oriented design patterns
  • A development framework for component-based agent-oriented business services

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