29 March 2009

Call for papers: Codes, Lattices, and Cryptography

Call for papers: Codes, Lattices, and Cryptography

A special issue of International Journal of Information and Coding Theory

In recent years there have been many new developments in the area of lattices as related to coding theory and cryptography. This special issue focuses on several aspects of this interrelation.

Lattices are related to several geometric problems (sphere packing, sphere covering, the kissing number problem), as well as other areas of mathematics, such as number theory, combinatorics and cryptography. The main application of lattices is in engineering, and specifically in the channel coding problem, i.e. the design of codes for a band-limited channel with white Gaussian noise. Design and construction of lattices that have good performance with low decoding complexity is of interest.

Many novel applications in cryptography have appeared based on the difficulty of finding shortest vectors in lattices. For example, the well-known NTRU system is one of these applications. Given the apparent difficulty of this problem it has been even considered for post-quantum cryptography.

In connection with the above problems, and of independent interest, arithmetic algorithms, especially in finite fields, are on the fundamental importance for the efficient implementations of these algorithms in cryptography, in coding theory and in communications.

This special issue is seeking papers in any of the above problems, and related areas, that present new methodological approaches or that deal with known or new applications in coding theory, lattices and cryptography.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Applications of lattices in communications
  • Applications of lattices in cryptography
  • Decoding algorithms for codes and lattices
  • Low-density parity-check lattices
  • Sphere packing problem
  • Lattice decoding problem
  • Arithmetic in finite fields
  • Finite fields in cryptography
  • Combinatorial methods and algorithms in coding theory
Important Dates
Deadline for submissions of manuscript: 1 July, 2009
Final selection of papers to be published: 1 November, 2009

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