4 March 2009

Call for papers: Virtual University

Call for papers: Virtual University

A special issue of International Journal of Management in Education

The Virtual University is a new way to organise academic work, including research and studies. The Virtual University has, at the same time, pedagogical, social, managerial and technological aspects. This way it is an interesting area for research in a wide range of scientific disciplines. Therefore, this special issue will be a timely issue for institutions and practitioners who are interested in the phenomena of wider utilisation of ICT in higher education organisations, especially from the management point of view.

The special issue provides a global forum for presenting authoritative references, academically rigorous research and case studies in both theoretical and applied research. Its purpose is to discuss the effective management in virtual universities. Specifically, it intends to disseminate research and studies in the situation where university management has to cope with traditional academic work and the virtual university type of approach.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to:
  • Management of the virtual university
  • University networks
  • Management of educational ICT innovations in universities
  • Analysis of political, economical, social, legal and cultural environment in the virtual university
  • E-learning curriculum development in higher education
  • ICT utilisation in future academic research
  • IPR issues in the virtual universities
  • Plagiarism
  • E-learning good practices in higher education
  • Change management in universities
  • Public-private-partnerships in the virtual university context
  • E-learning as part of the HRM
Important Dates
Proposal deadline (optional): 1 November, 2009
Early submission deadline: 31 December, 2009
Full paper deadline: 31 March, 2010
Notification of status & acceptance of paper: 30 April, 2010
Final version of paper: 31 May, 2010

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