31 March 2009

Special issue: Combustion, fuels and emission control in internal combustion engines. Part 1

International Journal of Vehicle Design 49(1-3) 2009
  • Quasi-dimensional, multi-zone combustion modelling of turbulent entrainment and flame stretch for a spark ignition engine fuelled with hydrogen-enriched biogas
  • On the application of Wiebe functions to simulate normal and knocking spark-ignition combustion
  • Knocking diagnostics in the combustion chamber of boosted port fuel injection spark ignition optical engine
  • Performance and emissions of motorcycle engines using water-fuel emulsions
  • First and second law analysis of a gasoline engine for various compression ratios
  • Exhaust emissions estimation during transient turbocharged diesel engine operation using a two-zone combustion model
  • A comparison between cylinder charge composition of common rail diesel engine
  • Chemiluminescence imaging of pre-injection reactions during engine starting
  • Analysis of an extremely fast valve opening camless system to improve transient performance in a turbocharged high speed direct injection diesel engine
  • Assessment of a sequentially turbocharged diesel engine on real-life driving cycles

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