12 March 2009

Special issue: Future multimedia networking: Part One

International Journal of Internet Protocol Technology 3(4) 2008

Papers from the First International Future Multimedia Networking (FMN 2008) workshop, held in Cardiff, UK, 17-18 September 2008
  • Towards seamless source mobility in SSM: design and evaluation of the Tree Morphing protocol
  • Comparative analysis of routing protocols for VoIP in a Wireless Mesh Backbone: a user perspective
  • Enhancing the serviceability of IMS-based multimedia services: preventing core service failures
  • Enabling global multimedia distributed services based on hierarchical DHT overlay networks
  • Suffix caching: an approach to ensure data availability in P2P streaming systems
  • Playback delay in mesh-based Peer-to-Peer systems with random packet forwarding and transmission capacity limitations

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