2 December 2006

Call for papers: Molecular Manufacturing


Call for papers: Molecular Manufacturing

A special issue of the International Journal of Molecular Engineering (IJME)

Important dates:

Deadline for submission of manuscripts : 31 May 2007

Communication of peer reviews to authors : 31 July 2007

Deadline for revised manuscripts : 30 September 2007

Guest Editors:
Professor Waqar Ahmed, University of Ulster, UK
Professor Mark J. Jackson, Purdue University, USA
Dr. Nasar Ali, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Dr. Xianfang Zhu, Xiamen University, China

Nature already uses atomic and molecular level engineering within cells, organelles, tissues, and organs to create a vast array of functional structures. Engineers are beginning to develop techniques that allow the creation and development of a whole range of materials and structures that will have a huge range of applications ranging from medical products, pharmaceutical drugs, new materials, nano robots, molecular machines, 3-D intelligent structures, and novel electronic devices.

The fabrication and manufacturing of conventional devices relies on the assembly of macroscopic building blocks with specific configurations. At the nanoscale, top-down manufacturing techniques are extremely challenging and a chemical approach is required to build nanostuctures. Tiny molecular building blocks are assembled with incredible precision and structural control with defined shapes, properties, and functions. Larger structures are formed from smaller structures using bottom-up chemical strategies. Indeed, we are starting to see the emergence of beautiful and ingenious examples of molecular-based strategies to fabricate and manufacture chemically nanoscaled building blocks for use in functional materials and innovative devices.

This special inaugural issue on molecular manufacturing is aimed at focusing the recent developments in fabrication and manufacturing of molecular devices.

For more information, please see the Journal Call for Papers website.

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