2 December 2006

Call for papers: Game Theory Applications in Operations Research and Management Science


Call for papers: Game Theory Applications in Operations Research and Management Science

A special issue of the International Journal of Operational Research (IJOR)

Important Dates

Submission due to Guest Editor : 4 May 2007

Papers reviewed : 20 August 2007

Decisions to the authors : 1 October 2007

Final revised version of accepted papers : 15 February 2008

Guest Editor: Dr. Soheil Sibdari, University of Massachusetts, USA
Traditional research in operations research, especially in retail and service management, assumes that the agents behave according to an isolated system structure. In reality, especially with emerging new technologies such as the internet, the markets are more dynamic, with an environment managed by multiple agents whose behavior influences each others' payoff.

Recently, the operations research literature has experienced a growing interest in using game theory tools to tackle incentive-related problems with multiple agents. Competitors, consumers, retailers, and suppliers are self-interest agents whose actions affect each other benefits and optimal decisions. In such an environment, the decision of the agents affects each agent’s payoff. Therefore, game-theoretic tools can interact with other optimisation models to address the problems with multiple agents.

Although game theory has been very well studied in economic literature, there are not many studies practicing supply chains using practical research in game theory. The goal of this special issue is to collect recent studies in service and supply chain management using game theoretic models to address this gap.

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