24 February 2021

Special issue published: "New Advances in Topology Optimisation"

International Journal of Materials and Product Technology 61(2/3/4) 2020

  • Multi-objective topology optimisation design of lattice structures with negative Poisson's ratio considering energy absorption and load-bearing characteristics
  • Topology optimisation of periodic structures with multiple materials using BESO
  • Topology optimisation of truss structures under non-stationary random seismic excitations with displacement and stress constraints
  • Robust topological design of laminated composite plate under interval random hybrid uncertainties
  • Optimisation design of graded lattice structures for natural frequency
  • An efficient multiscale concurrent design method using fitting function
  • Experimental validation of an automotive subframe stiffener plate design obtained from topology optimisation
  • Experimental investigation and design optimisation for magnetic abrasive flow machining using response surface methodology
  • Measurement of delamination and tool wear with sensors in end-milling using solid and carbide-tipped K10 end mills

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