8 February 2021

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics are now available here for free:

Top cited papers published between 2019 to 2020:

1. International port investment of Chinese port-related companies
2. Estimating vessel payloads in bulk shipping using AIS data
3. Selection of logistics service modes in e-commerce based on multi-oligopolies Cournot competition
4. Analysis of risk factors influencing the safety of maritime container supply chains
5. Maritime green supply chain management: its light and shadow on the bottom line dimensions of sustainable business performance
6. A statistical forecasting model applied to container throughput in a multi-port gateway system: the Barcelona-Tarragona-Valencia case
7. Seaport competitiveness research: the past, present and future Ziaul Haque Munim; Naima Saeed
8. A multi-objective approach to analyse the effect of fuel consumption on ship routing and scheduling problem
9. Development of a maritime safety management database using relational database approach
10. Container trade and shipping connectivity of Vietnam: implications of Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
11. Hedging voyage charter rates on illiquid routes
12. Analysis of performance influence factors on shipboard drills to improve ship emergency preparedness at sea
13. A tabu search approach to the cargo prioritisation and terminal allocation problem
14. Catastrophe risk assessment framework of ports and industrial clusters: a case study of the Guangdong province
15. The impact of deregulation in the hydrocarbon sector: evidence at the main Spanish ports of import of hydrocarbons (1986-2013)
16. The impact of operational strategies on vessel handling times: a simulation approach
17. Supply chain security management: a citation network analysis
18. Berth allocation and quay crane-yard truck assignment considering carbon emissions in port area

Top cited papers since 2009:

1. Port hinterland intermodal container flow optimisation with green concerns: a literature review and research agenda
2. Complementarities and alignment of information systems management and supply chain management
3. A two-stage supply chain DEA model for measuring container-terminal efficiency
4. Fleet mix in container shipping operations
5. An empirical model of the bulk shipping market
6. Two-agent single-machine scheduling with release times and deadlines
7. Measures for evaluating green shipping practices implementation
8. Efficiency considerations for sequencing and scheduling of double-rail-mounted gantry cranes at maritime container terminals
9. A study on the antecedents of supplier commitment in support of logistics operations
10. Editorial: Research in shipping and transport logistics
11. Organisational growth and firm performance in the international container shipping industry
12. The impact of capacity on firm performance: a study of the liner shipping industry

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