4 February 2021

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems are now available here for free:
  • Feature extraction for brain tumour analysis and classification: a review
  • Investigation of partial shading effect on PV array configuration
  • Noise reducing performance of anisotropic diffusion filter and circular median filter in digital images
  • Simulation of a model DC-DC converter with cascaded via improvement PFC with boost converter and THD using multiple loads
  • Photovoltaic grid-connected with transformer less renewable source system with multilevel NPC inverter
  • A novel comparator - a cryptographic design in quantum dot cellular automata
  • A novel aggregation approach to reduce complexity of system
  • Age and gender related variations in human EEG signals
  • Power optimised hybrid sorting-based median filtering
  • Design and test music recommendation system for online music websites using collaborative filtering approach Teddy Oswari; Tristyanti Yusnitasari; Reni Diah Kusumawati; Saurabh Mittal
  • A facial EMG data analysis for emotion classification based on spectral kurtogram and CNN
  • Performance enhancement of the triboelectric energy harvester by forming rough surface polymer film using poly-dimethyl-siloxane +25 wt% water solution
  • Investigating customer satisfaction towards music website in Indonesia and India: a comparative study
  • Identifying the stabilising regions of PI controller based on frequency specifications for a lab scale distillation column

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