12 February 2021

Special issue published: "Advanced Research in Computational Intelligence"

International Journal of Data Mining, Modelling and Management 13(1/2) 2021

  • An enhanced cooperative method to solve multiple-sequence alignment problem
  • A formal theoretical framework for a flexible classification process
  • Graph-based cumulative score using statistical features for multilingual automatic text summarisation
  • An ontology-based modelling and reasoning for alerts correlation
  • Convolutional neural network with stacked autoencoders for predicting drug-target interaction and binding affinity
  • Efficient deployment approach of wireless sensor networks on 3D terrains
  • Recommendation of items using a social-based collaborative filtering approach and classification techniques
  • Distributed heterogeneous ensemble learning on Apache Spark for ligand-based virtual screening
  • Hash-processing of universal quantification-like queries dealing with requirements and prohibitions

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