10 February 2021

Special Issue on: Soft Computing Application and Reviews

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 18(2) 2021

  • Performance comparison of Bat search and Cuckoo search using software artefact infrastructure repository and regression testing
  • On the convergence and optimality of the firefly algorithm for opportunistic spectrum access
  • Meta-heuristic algorithm to generate optimised test cases for aspect-oriented software systems
  • Fuzzy system for classification of microarray data using a hybrid ant stem optimisation algorithm
  • Flower pollination-based K-means algorithm for medical image compression
  • Image compression based on adaptive image thresholding by maximising Shannon or fuzzy entropy using teaching learning based optimisation
  • An efficient and optimised approach for secured file sharing in cloud computing
  • Development of ANFIS-based algorithm for MPPT controller for standalone photovoltaic system

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