11 July 2018

Research Pick: Open source movement - "Open source innovation: what makes it move?"

Researchers in Brazil are hoping to understand what motivates the so-called open source movement particularly when it comes to open source innovation (OSI). They have carried out field studies of international companies that have adopted the OSI approach.

Their study confirms earlier explanations of the motivations but also adds to our understanding in areas beyond the software industries where open source has been a common ethos for much longer than other industries. Fundamentally, OSI offers businesses a way to break free strategically from the constraints of more conventional approaches to innovation.

The team suggests that the open strategy proposed by the OSI model could empower companies to up their competitive game.

Burtet, C.G., Verschoore, J.R. and Bittencourt, A.C. (2018) ‘Open source innovation: what makes it move?‘, Int. J. Business Innovation and Research, Vol. 16, No. 3, pp.324-341.

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