10 July 2018

Special issue published: "Soft Computing Techniques for Biomedical Signal and Image Processing"

International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology 27(1/2) 2018
  • Microfluidic device for separating mesenchymal stem cells from blood cells in amniotic fluid using cross-flow filtration technique
  • Numerical modelling of ultra wide band signal propagation in human abdominal region
  • Mitigation strategy against SSDF attack for healthcare in cognitive radio networks
  • Bit error rate minimisation using SLM technique in TFT-OFDM for mobile large-scale MIMO systems
  • A low power VLSI implementation of distortion correction in image processing ASIC
  • Regenerative pixel mode and tumour locus algorithm development for brain tumour analysis: a new computational technique for precise medical imaging
  • New scheme for breast cancer detection and staging using ant colony algorithm
  • Dominator chromatic number of m-Splitting graph and m-Shadow graph of path graph
  • A novel and efficient instrumentation technique for human blood pressure measurement using computational intelligence method
  • Indoor air quality investigations in hospital patient room
  • Ensemble classification approach for screening of obstructive sleep apnoea using ECG
  • Time-frequency series based movement imagery classification

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