9 July 2018

Research pick: Forensic data retrieval - "A forensic evidence recovery from mobile device applications"

Researchers from Nigeria have looked closely at the latest tools for forensic analysis of data on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. They explain that at the moment retrieval of data from such devices remains a significant problem in terms of obtaining standardized data that will hold up in a court of law. There are also the issues of digital evidence being overwritten and so lost as new data is added to a device with its finite storage capacity as well as the possibility of a remote command being sent across a wireless or other telecommunications network to wipe and even “brick” a device before law enforcement is able to extract useful evidence in an investigation. The team’s approach, tested with retrieving data from one social media app can circumvent this problem by using a forensic peer-to-peer application that duplicates and disperses information across three servers before it can be deleted or destroyed remotely.

Alhassan, J.K., Gbolahan, A., Idris, I., Abdulhamid, S.M. and Waziri, V.O. (2018) ‘A forensic evidence recovery from mobile device applications‘, Int. J. Digital Enterprise Technology, Vol. 1, Nos. 1/2, pp.79-95.

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