6 July 2018

Special issue published: "Internet Computing and its Applications"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 11(1/2) 2018
  • Validated agile cost management success factors in software development projects
  • Pedagogical agility and agile methodologies in computer system development education
  • A framework for collaborative information management in construction industry
  • A software defined networking-based resilient framework combined with power-efficient PS-LTE network
  • Computer forensic problem of sample size in file type analysis
  • Media-aware scheduling method for transmitting signalling message over MPEG media transport-based broadcast
  • Dynamic spectrum access for M2M-WANs: the African regulator's spectrum policy reform conundrum
  • An automatic detection of a natural marker and augmentation of 3D models in AR with sketch-based object matching
  • Low-illuminated SPOT-5 image improvement for density-based vegetation identification using three-layer colour manipulation approach
  • An integrated framework for posture recognition
  • An improved data pre-processing method for classification and insider information leakage detection
  • A study on the security impact of the web services implementation in the Malaysian government's online applications
  • A method of improving PRR for WiFi interference avoidance in ZigBee networks in indoor environments

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