28 November 2016

Special issue published: "Current Trends and Improvements in Software Engineering Practices"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 54(4) 2016
  • Software change prediction: a literature review
  • Historical prioritisation and reprioritisations using hierarchical historical R-tree
  • Rewriting rule-based model for aspect-oriented software evolution
  • Method-level incremental code clone detection using hybrid approach
  • Enhancing the fault prediction accuracy of CK metrics using high precision cohesion metric
  • QM4MAS: a quality model for multi-agent systems
  • Investigating the relationship between project constraints and appropriate iteration length in agile development through simulations
  • Optimised class point approach for software effort estimation using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system model
  • Identification of crosscutting concerns at design level
  • Combined architectural framework for the selection of architectures using ATAM, FAHP and CBAM
  • Requirements driven test prioritisation approach for web service composition

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