25 May 2016

Special issue published: "Total Quality Management and Sustainable Development"

International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management 18(2/3) 2016
  • A life cycle approach to robust design methodology
  • An approach to foster eco-design in 'traditional' companies without eco-knowledge
  • Continuous improvement planning through sustainability assessment of product-service systems
  • Evaluating the impact of product eco-redesign on CLSC performances through a system dynamics approach
  • Factors and barriers affecting the purchase of electric vehicles in the Italian market
  • Internalisation strategies of external costs of transport for a sustainable logistics
  • Assessing product sustainability measurement within quality management systems: a case study in automotive industry
  • Investigating the relationship between energy consumption and overall equipment effectiveness for improving manufacturing systems' productivity: an application in the thermoforming process
  • Investigating the sustainability of a high-energy consuming industrial process to achieve total quality
  • LCA methodology applied to the realisation of a domestic plate: confrontation among the use of three different raw materials
  • Managing environmentally driven change in manufacturing organisations - moving from reactive to proactive behaviour
  • Quality sustainability in engineering educational institutions - a theoretical model
  • The impact of renewable energy systems on local sustainability
  • A pick-up and delivery problem with time windows by electric vehicles

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