1 May 2016

Special Issue published: "Smart Mobile Service Computing"

International Journal of Embedded Systems 8(2/3) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 2014 Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference.
  • Re-examining social network services from sociability perspective
  • The embedded real-time detection system of moving object based on improved Gaussian mixture model
  • Low-cost sensors aided vehicular position prediction with partial least squares regression during GPS outage
  • ePush: a streaming push service for mobile content delivery
  • Phoney: protecting password hashes with threshold cryptology and honeywords
  • Design and application of top ontologies for the transactions on IoT
  • Lightweight semantic service modelling for IoT: an environment-based approach 
  • Cloud backup: an enhanced smartphone app designed with cross-platform approach
  • Active or inactive: infer private user information in location-based social network
  • Variable ferry routing algorithm for sparse wireless sensor networks
  • K-anonymisation of social network by vertex and edge modification
  • Mobile traffic identification based on application's network signature
  • Interest overlay network model on distributed social network service
  • MGPA: a multi-granularity space preallocation algorithm for object-based storage devices 
  • High capacity reversible steganography in encrypted images based on feature mining in plaintext domain
  • Optimal node deployment strategy for wireless sensor networks based on dynamic ant colony algorithm
  • LibTiP: a lightweight and robust scheme for data trustworthiness and privacy protection in participatory sensing

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