2 May 2016

Special issue published: "Frontiers in Computer Science and Technology"

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 12(2/3) 2016
  • Image restoration using anisotropic multivariate shrinkage function in contourlet domain
  • Optimal transitional trajectory generation for automatic machines
  • A security improved image encryption scheme based on chaotic Baker map and hyperchaotic Lorenz system
  • Expert selection service system by fuzzy ontology modelling
  • A formal method to model and analyse QoS-aware fault tolerant service composition
  • An algorithm for mining frequent closed itemsets with density from data streams
  • Predicting robustness against transient faults of MPI based programs
  • Isolation-based subsumption reasoning with enormous volume of web ontologies for scalable semantic service discovery 
  • Online commercial intention detection framework based on web pages
Additional papers
  • SAT-based algorithm for finding all maximal cliques
  • Evolution of distributed monitoring for scalable business process management in cloud-based databases
  • Convex cone volume analysis for finding endmembers in hyperspectral imagery
  • A queue state driven analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF for ad hoc networks under non-saturation conditions
  • VLSI architectures for high speed and low power implementation of 5/3 lifting discrete wavelet transform 

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