18 June 2015

Special issue published: "Sustainability Energy Use and Management"

Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal 9(1) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at the 1st International Conference “Sustainability Energy Use and Management” 2014.
  • Renewable energy: alternative for the mining industry on the American continent
  • The impact of privatisation on regulated energy markets: a Great Britain's case study in industrial ecology
  • Public incentives and environmental taxation for a sustainable C&D waste management in Spain: an industrial ecology challenge
  • The 'green economy' concept in Belarus: today and tomorrow
  • Bioeconomic sustainability and modelling energy systems
  • The eco-labelling in tourism: energy efficiency way
Additional papers
  • County government led EIP development using municipal biomass resources for clean energy production, a case study of the Catawba County North Carolina EcoComplex
  • De-constructing the sustainability challenge for engineering education: an industrial ecology approach
  • Towards sustainable waste management in the Baltic Sea region countries: the contribution of universities

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